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    Elijah Tooling Vlog

    Hey guys, it's Rick from Elijah Tooling, What would it be like to print money? That'd be interesting. Wouldn't it? Unlimited amount of money. Well, I can tell you how to print some money today and I also can tell you; how you can do that b...
      Hey guys, it's Rick at Elijah Tooling. Give me two. I will make it worth your while. Today, I'm standing in front of our shipping tables. I'm in the shipping department. I want to talk to you about a concept that we came up with several years ago, which we call - the kitchen chef. I'm not the kitchen chef, but I'm goin...

        Don't Play Games With Your Machine Shop. Workholding solutions need to be repeatable, precise and rapid. When we think about manufacturing, we want something that is standardized, something that's repeatable, something that your programmers, your machinist, everybody, in your organization can depend on.

          Making Haas CNC Vertical Mill More Usable and Flexible With Elijah Tooling

          I am standing in front of a brand new Haas CNC vertical mill. As you can see, this is what everybody starts out with. Fixture slots. Check it out; we're standing in front of a vertical milling machine. Again, smaller but now it's been enhanced with this modular fixture plate, which involves having other characterist...

            Normally I say give me two minutes, but I think it'll take me longer. So, today I am interviewing Hannah. I'm trying to find out what I don't know about Hannah today. So, she works customer service for us and inside sales. And I'm just gonna pick her brain a little bit.

              On today’s podcast, we interview Rick Miller, owner, and co-founder of Elijah Tooling, a company that sells innovative CNC work holding equipment. Rick has a knack for coming up with unique products and has several patents in the work holding sector. He says that innovative ideas are vital for success but getting customers to buy into those ideas is what makes for a successful business.

              Question: What tool would you like to see invented?

                Hey guys, it’s Rick from Elijah Tooling. Nah, not going to take two minutes, probably going to be longer than that. We're just going, Gabriel and I are gonna do a little bit of discussion here. So, this morning I'm going through my closet looking for shirts. And, I particularly like this one; It's a broadcloth shirt. B...
                  Why mechanical & manufacturing engineering should start using retractable dowels pins from Elijah Tooling.

                    So what we're going to do, is we're going to load our vices, we're going to load a part, we're going to probe it in, we're going to cut it. And then, we're going to go to the next step; which is to load our trunnion, load it, load a part and start it up. What's the point? Well, we're trying to show you how fast you can load and unload your parts of course. And then, also how fast it is to bring the trunnion in, and precisely locate it; get it into place and start machining with it.

                      We've got three big features to consider a plate that's oversized. One: we get more travel out of our, or use of our travels. Two: ergonometrics, making it easier for the machine operator. And three: if we're using a fourth axis trunnion we're benefiting ourselves again from the travel standpoint.

                        Hey, as you can see there's a stream right behind me and if you listen carefully, you can hear the rain falling. I'm actually not in my normal location: Denton, Texas. I'm up in the Hochatown, Oklahoma. A lot of people call it Broken Bow because Broken Bow is nearby, but I'm on sabbatical.

                          How Smart CNC Fixturing Can Help You Save $43,000/Per Year For Every Machine In Your Shop! Comparing a Modular fixture with a dedicated fixture.