Rick's Embarrassing Story

Rick's Embarrassing Story

Hey guys, it's Rick at Elijah tooling. Give me two - I'll make it worth your while!

You ever had one of those cringe-worthy moments? I'll tell you, I had one. It's been a long time ago now, but I was out on a sales call and I was out in the shop, walking the shop, which so often I do. And the person I was with showed me the setup that they had. There was a long part on a vertical machine and it was being held with vices. And I mentioned that with the Invert-a-Bolt fasteners that the set up would be much more stable. Well, you know how it is with a salesman, he listened, but I don't know that he took it all in or it even registered.

So we got done with the shop tour, walked back to his office and "KABOOM"! I could hear it out in the shop - Something had crashed.

He ran out there and I waited around to see whether he'd come back and sure enough, he did. And he said, the part that we had been looking at had just been thrown off the