New Website Purchasing Standard

Good Day Esteemed Customers!

I am coming to you today to inform you of some significant changes we are making at Elijah Tooling.

We are excited to be moving to a system where all orders are handled by the website, with the intentions of streamlining our interactions with our customers and providing faster product information and shipping times. 

The website has been upgraded to provide valuable information like:

  • Real-time Inventory
  • Distribution Discounts
  • Loyalty Discounts
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Accurate Shipping Dates
  • Up to Date Pricing


We will make every effort to have all items in stock, available for same day shipping, and the website will be keeping inventory information on each product page, so that you know when an item is not in stock.  However, if that item is out of stock, you will still be able to order backordered products and we will ship that item when it’s available.


Here’s how it works:

For Distribution Sellers and Loyalty Members:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Customer Accounts Icon on the top bar, left of the cart icon.
  3. Enter your business email, then you’ll receive a 6-digit code to sign in. You don’t need to hold onto this code as you’ll get a unique code for every sign in.
  4. You’ve now reached your individual customer portal. This is where you’ll find any orders you’ve made on the website. You can go here to see where your items are in transit.
  5. From here, you can click the blue “Go to Store” button which will lead you back to our website.
  6. When you look for an item, you’ll notice that our available inventory is displayed on that item’s product page. To get accurate pricing which includes all your discounts, add the items you want to order to your cart with the correct quantity. Go to the cart page and your discounts will automatically apply to those items, they can be seen under the individual items or above the subtotal.
  7. For shipping times, proceed to the checkout, input your address and you’ll get the estimated arrival time for your items.
  8. If you have a tax exemption, please submit your tax exemption form on our Contact Us page.
  9. After you make your first order and you’ve entered your information, that information will be saved for all future transactions by simply entering your email in the cart during the checkout process.
  10. If you run into any issues with this system, or please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions at 940-591-1340!


For All Customers:

  1. There's no need to create an account before you're first order, after you order your information will be saved to your email and you can sign back in with that email to view order information.
  2. To see quantity discounts, add the item and quantity to your cart, go to the cart page and it will display the appropriate discount.
  3. For shipping times, continue to the checkout, add your address, and it will show expected shipping times.


Starting immediately, we will start pointing you to the website for any requests/ orders/ quotes. And, we have already incorporated 2024 pricing into the website (up to 5% for some products), so you will be on-top of any changes that are happening.  The best part- we’re still shipping every order with candy and our sincere “thank you” for your business.  We appreciate you so much.


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We are excited about this new page in our history and look forward to serving you EVEN BETTER than we have been in the past.  Our vision is to serve our customers SUCH THAT EVEN HEAVEN APPROVES and so we are very interested in your feedback as we refine and improve this process.

Please continue to call us if you need technical support or website support: 940-591-1340.


- Rick Miller / CEO