General Exceptions to Purchase Order Terms & Conditions


The following blanket statement will apply to all orders:

Formal purchase orders will only be accepted in the case of custom work or blanket orders. Verbal orders are not accepted. Quotes may be obtained through the use of the ELT website and will not otherwise be provided except in the case of customer work or blanket orders.

 Elijah Tooling, Inc. (ELT) maintains an AS9100 certified quality management system.  We fully comply with AS9100 quality standards.  Any additional customer requirements are SPECIFICALLY excepted and may not be complied with.

 We will make every effort to comply with specific shipping requests/ packaging requirements when they are clearly defined within your online order or purchase order, when applicable.

 ELT retains the right to determine all of its own manufacturing processes within the bounds of AS9100 and will only communicate these changes, subcontract matters, transfers, and relocations as dictated by the AS9100 standard.

 Records are maintained in accordance with confidentiality agreements and AS9100 standards.

 Many of our products are patented or convey proprietary processes/methods – we do not disclose or in any other way compromise those safeguards for our company.

 ELT retains rights to all intellectual property pertaining to its own product line and any manufacturing or service that occurs in which they are the seller, by definition. Seller under no circumstance grants Buyer any intellectual property rights.


 ELT aims to maintain a level playing field for all distributors and customers. All discounts and pricing differences are based on certain requirements being met. No exceptions will be made.

 Pricing displayed on the ELT website is upheld. ELT retains the right to change pricing of products at any time, with or without notice, and will evaluate customer discounts regularly for compliance.

 Payment is to be conducted as stated on the website. Payment for made-to-order items is required at time of PO. Taxes may apply if customer does not have a sale exemption certificate available.

 All shipments are EXW Denton unless shipped on ELT’s UPS account. Shipment cost will be charged as noted during order placement online.

 ELT takes great care in packaging products, always declares/insures the value of shipments unless specifically instructed otherwise AND shipping on a customer account, and does not assume any risk of loss and/or damage unless due to gross negligence.

 All Orders are fulfilled in a first-come-first-serve basis.

 International customs documentation may be completed by Buyer or by ELT for an additional fee. Additional fees apply for handling and any non-UPS vendor.

 The ELT return policy, available at, applies exclusively; all other requirements are rejected. Rejected items are subject to Seller's warranty listed on all product instruction sheets.

 ELT’s warranty listed on all product instruction sheets applies and supersedes all other requirements. Made-to-order parts are non-refundable, may not be cancelled or returned, and carry no warranty outside of order confirmation.

 ELT is not liable for losses and damages to Buyer in the event of default. ELT does not indemnify, defend, or hold harmless the Buyer. ELT is only liable as provided by the warranty policy provided to Buyer on instruction sheets with purchased products.

 ELT maintains adequate insurance but is unable to meet customer specific requirements.

 ELT operates under the laws of the State of Texas.

 Confidential information must be in written form and clearly marked. Confidentiality will be upheld in accordance with a valid, signed, Elijah Tooling, Inc. Non-Disclosure Agreement only.

We will process orders as they are represented by the online ordering platform unless objected to in writing. Customers are responsible for the accuracy of all information entered online and should review it carefully before submission. ELT is not liable for errors outside of the published return policy.