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High-Speed Machining

cnc workholding fixture

High Speed Machining on UCMF

IVB products are not just for special high speed machining and tooling conditions. They can be used in most situations that clamps or bolts are found. Here is an example of high speed machining on a Universal Common Modular Fixture (UCMF).
  • Stable setup
  • No clamp changes
  • Machining flexibility
  • No obstructions to machining
  • Ideal for 5-axis machining

Other High Speed Machining Examples:

  • A company was able to reduce their number of setups from 7 to 2.
  • A complex mill fixture (for tooling an aluminum forging, consisting of clamp rests, nest blocks, clamps, tooling buttons, etc.) was replaced by a flat plate with IVB products.
  • A titanium window frame had no other valid solution for milling to within .34" of the base with a special wheel cutter - the IVB fastener made it possible.
  • An EDM customer used the IVB fastener to eliminate head collision problems.
  • Universal fixturing application used with a bag press producing hydroform parts.
  • A company is installing IVB Universal Fixturing Plugs™ (UFP) in a long run production tool as a replacement for helical threaded inserts. The UFP’s are much easier to work with than threaded inserts. No need to drill out or use E-Z-Outs when worn out or damaged. Just screw it out and replace. Plus they last much longer than a standard threaded insert.