High-Speed Machining

Quick-Change 4-Sided Tooling Block ELIJAH TOOLING solution

High-Speed Machining on UCMF

Invert-A-Bolt™ products are not just for special high-speed machining and tooling conditions, they can be used in most situations that clamps or bolts are found, but they are an exceptional product for this environment. Below are just a few of the benefits you will receive by switching to a Universal Common Modular Fixture (UCMF) for your high-speed machining operations:
  • Stable setup
  • No clamp changes
  • Machining flexibility
  • No obstructions to machining
  • Ideal for 5-axis machining

Real Experiences of High-Speed Machining with a UCMF:

  • A company was able to reduce their number of setups from 7 to 2.
  • A complex mill fixture (for tooling an aluminum forging, consisting of clamp rests, nest blocks, clamps, tooling buttons, etc.) was replaced by a flat plate with Invert-A-Bolt products.
  • A titanium window frame had no other valid solution for milling to within .34" of the base with a special wheel cutter - the Invert-A-Bolt fastener made it possible.
  • An EDM customer used the Invert-A-Bolt fastener to eliminate head collision problems.
  • A universal fixturing application used with a bag press producing hydroform parts.
  • A company is installing Invert-A-Bolt Universal Fixturing Plugs™ (UFP) in a long run production tool as a replacement for helical threaded inserts. The UFP’s are much easier to work with than threaded inserts. No need to drill out or use E-Z-Outs when worn out or damaged. Just screw it out and replace. Plus they last much longer than a standard threaded insert.