The 4 workholding components that will make your machine shop more efficient. Guaranteed.

The 4 workholding components that will make your machine shop more efficient. Guaranteed.


Hey, guys, it's Rick with Elijah Tooling. Give me two! I'll make it worth your while.

I come to you in some interesting times. The last thirty days have been interesting, for sure. I have heard a lot about budget cuts, layoffs, businesses having real difficulties. So I come to you today thinking in terms of your budget, where you may be today versus thirty to sixty days ago.

You may be using high dollar systems by which you're changing out your parts, holding, and locating your parts. So I thought I would talk to you about how we can do the same thing with our products. They are still high quality, but much lower in cost.

So we are all about flat plate modular fixturing. That is our one product, that is where our focus is. These plates consist of four elements; our fasteners, our retractable dowel pins, Zip Bushings™ (which are an all in one multipurpose hold), and then our modular vises. That's all we got! But we can make a real impact for you today because those guys do the whole thing, and at a lower cost. So I'm just going to go through it with you a little bit, a couple of seconds, give me a little bit of time.

So I've got one of our demo kits on here, and you can see I'm pulling it. It's held to the table using our fasteners, and that's the idea, no obstructions to the machine. No clamps, no bolts, really cool! Besides, I'm not biased at all ;) In this case, we show several of these products. Here's our little quick-change plate, it rapidly goes on and off, on and off. Any of your quick change plate or parts, whatever it is you're trying to change, same idea, same concept. So let me show you how fast these fasteners come up and come out of the part. You get the idea, it's fast, and that is the idea, rapid. It's also repeatable, back and forth, back and forth. We just had a customer recently give us a glowing testimonial! He said he was repeating in less than one-tenth of a thousandth. That is AWESOME! I couldn't believe it, and I'll take it, brother! That is exciting.

Alright, so then we also have this T-Slot fastener. It works very much like the Invert-a-bolt™ fastener, except it fits in a T-Slot. Then we have this zip bushing which is an all in one, multipurpose hold, and what happens with it is, that is how we screw our Xzerts™ into it (the Xzertz™ is the retractable dowel pin) I'm going to show you how fast I can install that—also a very very rapid process. So you may be needing to, well, how should I put it? Your workforce may be thinned out a little bit. You need things to happen faster, easier, well this is really easy! And it doesn't require many skills either. What do you think? Pretty good, huh! I don't know if you have ever installed a threaded insert in a bushing, but that's a lot faster! And of course, if you are not using it, we plug it. You can put the plug in it here. 

Well, guys, I think that is about it. I didn't get to the modular vises today, but I am grateful for your time, and we will see you next time.