Why CNC machinists should use a modular fixture? Is this the future?

Why CNC machinists should use a modular fixture? Is this the future?

Hey guys, it's Rick at Elijah Tooling. And give me two, I will make it worth your while 120 seconds later from now, you will understand why you should not be using a T-slot base fixture on your machine. And instead using a modular fixture from Elijah Tooling.

I wanted to show you that we're loading up this modular fixture plate. We've been without it for a little while because our machine was broke in essence. And I wanted you to, uh, share with me the, the pleasure in having this plate returned to the machine.

These seven slots are totally inadequate for a rapid, repeatable and precise set up. Having these hundreds of locating holes and locations to hold things makes life so much simpler and more efficient for our operator.

So, I just thought I'd share that with you. We're going to load it up and be really happy that we got rid of these seven slots and change it out with this thing. This is our universal modular fixture solution and the cost of not having it is significant compared to this thing. Talk to you later, have a good one!

Rick Miller
Founder / CEO

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