Rick Explains The Different Invert-a-Bolt Fastener Accessories

Rick Explains The Different Invert-a-Bolt Fastener Accessories

Hey guys. Rick here from Elijah Tooling.

Today we are going to talk about accessories and specifically the accessories for the hole that our workholding invert-a-bolt fasteners go into. 


So, this thing in my hand, the invert-a-bolt fastener, screws into a plate. The big thread goes into a plate and the smaller thread comes up into the piece that is being held. When we access this thread up and down, we can create a quick-change scenario. That is the quick summary of what we do with these. Some of the other things are based on the accessories that we supply.

Classic 1/2 inch fastener

One is this particular product. We call it the classic 1/2 inch Invert-a-Bolt Fastener because it is by far the highest selling product that we have. It is a 1/2"-13 threaded fastener and it is used in all kinds of applications and with all kinds of materials. You can get it in titanium, hard steel, and aluminum; it is amazing. 

3/8 invert a bolt fastener

We also have a 3/8 Invert-a-Bolt Fastener that goes into the same hole. if you are familiar with our products, you might notice it's a distinct brown color. It is brown because we had a batch that came out this color which is pretty rare but, I thought that they looked cool so we are keeping them. if you want these, I suggest you buy them now because they are not going to be replicated! 

invert a bolt hole plugs

Then we have these Invert-a-Bolt Hole Plugs that also screw into these 1 inch, 12 left-hand holes. It comes in two sizes as well; it comes in 3/8 or it comes in 1/2 inch. the internal thread, most likely, you are going to use to screw a bolt into it. Rather than having our bolt coming up into these, you are going to have a bolt going the other way. 

Black plastic hole plugs

Then we have the black plastic plugs that are, primarily, used to just keep debris out of the hole; keep the operator from having to blow all that stuff out of there all the time. 

One thing that you might have noticed about the products is that there are different numbers of holes in their face and that is kind of the progression as we have seen them change and evolve over time. Our first fasteners only had three holes!

insertion tool

So, the insertion tool that we sell now has three holes that are up all the time.

insertion tool

If we want the insertion tool to be used for the four hole version, we just screw out the pin. And likewise, if we want it to be used for the six hole version, we can screw the pin out. the reason we did this is that you only buy this body once. If you have a breakage of the pins then you can buy the pins for a much lower cost to replace them. We sell that as a kit, and the kit also comes with a thread locker so that you can kind of set where these pins are going to sit.

Pro 1 torque limiting pneumatic wrench

While I am talking about accessories, I would also like to bring up this accessory we call the Pro 1. it is a torque limiting pneumatic wrench. It means that we use air to drive it and it does not develop an unlimited amount of torque. It only develops a high of 69 lbs. per foot and that is very important because we do not want to break these pins. 

It has settings on this handle right here that has a dial. The settings are 1 through 4 for the torque. the lowest setting is the lowest torque, and the highest setting is the highest torque. We have that set up according to the instruction sheet that you will receive with the Pro 1 or even with the invert-a-bolt fastener. In it, we tell you what torque setting to use for installing the big portion or the amount of torque needed to pull up the stud into your piece. We also have a different torque to remove the invert-a-bolt fastener from the plate. 

Lastly, this six hole product is our latest invert-a-bolt fastener It is unique in that it incorporates our quarter-turn design. It has a yellowish color on the inside which is a barrier to prevent debris from going back inside of it. It is made in such a way that it is going to last a lot longer. It also has six holes. 

Thank you for your time. Find out more information at


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