Inquiries Regarding Quick-Change Plate for Trunnion

Inquiries Regarding Quick-Change Plate for Trunnion


Hey guys, it's Rick at Elijah Tooling, give me two minutes of your time. No, maybe a little more and I'll make it worth it. 

Listen, I've gotten a lot of inquiries regarding this quick-change plate for the trunnion. This is a TR 210. But, we can quick change other trunnions.

But one thing I wanted to clarify,  because I think a lot of times people think that this plate has to go into the large modular fixture, like the one we show in our original video.

So you know, you're talking about a change from about 20 minutes minimum to 3 to change this, so it makes sense to consider this as an option.

But today I'm gonna do something different. We're going to go over to the computer and we're going to look at a CAD model of how we can do this using two devices. Both the patent-pending fastener and a locator that are used in T-slots. This is going to be your lowest cost solution to making this happen. And it seems like to me, that you might want to consider that.

If you're not into anything but quick changing that trunnion on and off, then that's your solution and you don't need that big UCMF. So let's go to the computer I'll show you the rest, okay?

Hey guys, I'm back at the computer now let me show you what I was talking about here.

TR 210 with Quick-Change Plate

So as you can see, I've got modeled up the TR 210, this is a quick change plate, and this is the large UCMF underneath it- the universal common modular fixture.

Now, what people kind of assume because they've seen the video of us quick changing this, is that it's got to go on a plate like this.

And what happens is, we'll get requests and people go "what's that cost?" And they find out its kind of expensive. Well, that's because you've got a plate that'll do about a million other things, besides just quick change this trunnion. But if you want to quick change the trunnion- just that- then there is a simpler solution.

So let's take a look at the plate itself- the quick change plate.

The Quick-Change Plate CAD Drawing

So here's the quick change plate and you can see that it's very simple, it has our Xzertz locators, and it has some screws, and these screws, screw into that trunnion base- the cast iron base, and locate it. Then the plate itself is made, of course, this is all very precise, but the plate itself is made to accept the fastener here, here, here, and here. And then you've got locator holes, there's four of them, but we only use two. There's a little bit of options there, so that's the plate, and it's pretty simple. But this plate combined with an ability to rapidly and repeatedly quick change is going to save you a ton of money.

So now let's look at the other solution, that we really haven't talked about on the video. And that is now we're going to directly connect to the t-slot fixture, and I'm gonna take my cursor here and we're gonna kind of make that see-through.

T-slot fasteners and locators

And you can see now, here's the t-slot fastener, here's the t-slot locator, there's the other fastener and then if we go to the other side you see them again, you see the fastener and the locator. You're talking about a total of six products, I mean six, a quantity of six of these, which is very low cost compared to that whole big plate. But the result is the same, you get a repeatable rapid and precise quick change setup.

Now one thing I do want to clarify as well is the holes that are in this frame, they have to be put in by you. So you'll rotate up the saddle and then you'll you'll make those holes. And we're going to give you exact instructions as to how to do that, that's why in the previous video we showed it up so you could see what's happening there.

But, bottom line this is a simple easy process and it can be pretty low cost, and I think that you'll find that the ROI on this setup is going to be very fast, very fast.

Depends on how often you're changing this on and off, but if you're doing it on a weekly basis I would definitely consider it. Or we've run into people that it's just a pain to do it, and they would love to have a solution that is really fast, really easy, super solution.

So there you go, you got it!
Thank you for your time,

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