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    Haas VF-1 Fixtures

    Invert-a-Bolt Spacing
    Invert-a-Bolt Quantity

    IMPORTANT: All pricing on Haas custom fixture pages are for reference only, these pages exist as a pricing tool not for directly purchasing modular fixtures; for exact pricing, please contact our team!
    NOTE: Our fixtures can be bought as is, but if you'd like a custom design, contact us here and we'll create a custom fixture with you.

    Elijah Tooling Modular Fixtures are subplates that are typically used in a lean manufacturing environment, especially for high-speed machining to reduce machine cycle times. They consist of a tooling plate with threaded multi-purpose holes and Invert-a-Bolt fastener locations as well as additional vises.

    Advantages of Elijah Tooling Modular Fixture:

    • Up to 90% more efficient load/unload times
    • Oversized fixtures maximize machining envelope capacity
    • Rigid part holding tools minimize vibration/chatter

    Every Elijah Tooling Modular Fixture includes:

    • Customer Approval Drawings
    • 3D CAD Model
    • Row / Column Designator System
    • Inspection Report
    • Sturdy Wooden Box
    • Locating and mounting hardware including lift rings
    • Weekly Status report with Gant Chart

    Modular Fixture for Haas CNC MachineBack of Elijah Tooling Modular Fixture for Haas Diagram



    MaterialSteel but available in other materials upon request.
    Precision GroundYes
    Thickness1.9" for regular / oversized, 2.45" for T-Slot
    Multi-purpose threaded hole size.500" with 1/2"-13 thread
    Invert-a-Bolt threaded hole size1"-12 LH thread
    T-Slot size18mm
    Typical Build Time6-8 weeks