This Is A Whole New Kind of CNC Workholding Fixture. It Combines Modular Fixture Technology w/ T-Slots.

This Is A Whole New Kind of CNC Workholding Fixture. It Combines Modular Fixture Technology w/ T-Slots.
Hey guys, It's Rick at Elijah Tooling. I've got some exciting stuff to show you today. Today, we're gonna work on a whole different kind of fixture. This is a combination of our Modular Fixture, where you have Fasteners and ZipBushings incrementally. But, we've also added an element, which is our T-Slot Fasteners with the slots that accept the Xzerts Retractable Dowel Pins.
CNC workholding fixture plate
So, I am gonna show you how we use that and I'm gonna kinda show you why we might use a riser or a different pattern at the same time. But, as you can see, we've got it set up for... I've got three of the T-Slot Fasteners in here and I'm gonna add one in a minute when we load this riser.
But, right now, let me show you something. So we're gonna, I'm gonna quick-load these guys... These are the FlexVises... We're quick loading them on there and we can then bring our Fasteners up into the piece and hold it. And, you can see that it's gonna be pretty fast. Alright... So, this pattern works for this part. Right? This is a 2" Pattern. That's the idea. You get the idea. Of course, I could have pulled up all of them. But, I'm trying to save time on the video... Ok.
5 Axis CNC Vises
We've also got this and in this case, I am gonna use the slot and the modulars. So, we can drop it on here like that, and we are gonna pull the stud of our fastener up into it. Again, we can do that at several locations here. But, you can see it's on. Right? Then, we're gonna do one more. Are you seeing how fast I'm moving that stuff on and on, by the way? Just FYI. Just trying to show you how this works.
Now, we've got... Now, this particular product, by the way, has this slot in the bottom. So, right now, these Xzertz are positively locating it. So, you can use that. That's part of the flexibility of this particular device. If I didn't want it to locate, I could screw those Xzerts down and then it would move around. But you can see, again...
The Pattern fits all these parts. But, what do I do when my part doesn't fit the pattern? And, I've got this modular fixture that is so cool, I can do all kinds of stuff with it... Well, then you might want to think about some type of quick-change plate. This is a riser that we made for it. You can see... Well, actually I am gonna need to screw down some of these Xzertz. So, that's pretty cool! Your dowels are still in the plate.
They are there all the time. Right? Ok. So, now we are gonna load it on here... There we go. Check it out. And now, remember... I was going to use this and put it up there like that... And now, we're using our T-Slot Fastener hold this. There you go. Check it out.
CNC Workholding Riser
Now, this particular riser has a pattern that accepts... This is a 5" pattern. So you can screw it in here, like this... And as you can see... Now, we've accommodated a different pattern. We're not using the 2"X2" pattern anymore we're using a 5" pattern. And that was the point of this riser. Now, in this particular case... The riser... We made it so that it fit certain parts and then we inserted a 2"X2" pattern again so that it would be common with many other things. Anyway, that's the idea. And, uh... I wanted to show it to you today.
By the way, this is gonna be in a big reveal here in the next few months. We are getting ready to release the Incredi-Vise for production. So, FYI... That's down the road. Thanks, guys!