Make Your Haas CNC Vertical Mill More Flexible and Usable With Elijah Tooling Products

Make Your Haas CNC Vertical Mill More Flexible and Usable With Elijah Tooling Products

Hey guys, it's Rick at Elijah Tooling.

Give me two and I will make it worth your while.

Hey, today I am standing in front of a brand new Haas CNC vertical mill.

As you can see, this is what everybody starts out with.

CNC Haas Machine

Fixtures and slots.

So, what I want to do today - is kind of show you what it could become, and how more flexible and usable we can make this table by incorporating our products.

So, I'm going to be with you in just a second in another location.

See ya.

Hey guys, I'm back.

Check it out; we're standing in front of a vertical milling machine.

Again, smaller.

But, now it's been enhanced with this modular fixture plate, which involves having other characteristics that are available to it.

For example - our fastener, that allows you to quick-change things in and out of it.

Like this vise, which ultimately could be this plate.

And then, we also have multi-purpose hole for location.

So, the reality is - this thing creates a lot more capability than the regular old standard t-slot fixture.

You can see it's an oversized plate as well, which means that - we can use this area over here.

So, that we can use the entire x-axis, y-axis of the machine.

So, we get a bigger machine out of it as well.

So, I thought I'd just quick-change something really fast and you can note how fast it goes, so that - one we're going find out for the programmers and the machinist, "This is easy, this is fast.".

For those execs out there, that got to pay the bills -  ROI on it is great.

And, for those buyers, and those people that are buying this stuff - I can assure you that we've got our act together.

You're not going to have a problem with the sale, or with the shipping, or any of it.

Anyway, let's go through this.

Just another few seconds guys.

Plate off, right.

I'm just going to show you the device coming off at the same time. 

Just like that brother.

Put it back on, okay.

This vise is pretty cool, it's got these specialty nuts in it and it allows the fastener to be used with it.

But, it can also be used with bolts if you don't have the fasteners.

There we go -  let's put the plate back on.


Hey, if you're looking for something that makes a lot of sense for your shop consider this solution.

Hey, we'll see you next time.

-Rick Miller 

Elijah Tooling 

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