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How Smart CNC Fixturing Can Help You Save $43,000/Per Year For Every Machine In Your Shop!

November 04, 2019


So, a little while back I did a presentation in front of this whiteboard and I said that the presentation would be 2 minutes or thereabouts.

What I didn't know at the time was that I added a 1 to it.

It's 12 minutes long.

So, I thought; you know what, I'm gonna make it easy on you guys.

You might be snoring through that presentation.

I'm just gonna get to the bottom line.

Bottom line.

What we did, is we compared you against your competitor, if they were using our products.

And, what we did is we made a few assumptions about it.

But, we were comparing the modular fixture with a dedicated fixture, and here is the bottom line.

Which I want to point out this forty-three thousand a-year per machine.

So, and this was a very extremely conservative figure, so you can plan on something like; a minimum of four thousand a month if you're using dedicated fixture, and you're using clamps, and you need a repeatable rapid, and precise system.

A simple easy to use system. Like our Elijah Tooling system this is what you're going to get out of it. Thanks for spending time with me guys.

Here is the original presentation 

-Rick Miller

Elijah Tooling

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