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Heavy Duty Loading Cart (Tilting)

Elijah Tooling, Inc.


Loading cart with roller conveyor for loading/unloading parts on your machine table or elsewhere.

Common uses are for loading/unloading a machine trunnion, or large parts on/off machine table, shipping table, or assembly area.  Can facilitate quick-changing of objects on/off.

Two Types Available! 

  • Non-tilting: The cart can be rolled over and directly used to move the object on/off.
  • Tilting: where the cart is required to clear some height (like on a machine entry window) and then the table tilts down to where the object is to be loaded/unloaded.

These carts are made to order so that height and overhang can be specific to your application. Please specify these dimensions with your order and the part number will be updated to replace XX.XXX.0 to match those specifications.


  • Heavy duty steel tube construction
  • Moves freely but also has casters with brakes
  • Made to serve different heights & overhang distances
  • Side guards on the roller conveyor table
  • 900 lb strap type winch with ratcheting handle, to assist in retrieving the object
  • Adjustable Tensioners to insure the square-ness of the cart, despite repeated use

Dimensions: 36”x48”+overhang distance.
Minimum height:  35”
Working Width: 15"
Max Load: 1200 lbs.

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