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Select Plate Size: 9.50 diameter x 1.900" thick

Elevate your machining operations with the Universal Common Modular Fixture Plate (UCMF) designed specifically for Haas trunnions. This cutting-edge UCMF plate blends the advantages of modularity and T-slots, creating a supremely versatile tooling fixture that optimizes time, accuracy, throughput, and repeatability. We affectionately refer to it as a "hybrid" because it seamlessly combines the best of both worlds: standard Invert-A-Bolt™ workholding fasteners and T-slot fasteners.

Key Features:

  • Standardization Meets Flexibility: With the UCMF plate, you can standardize your setups while enjoying unparalleled flexibility. Its modular design allows you to adapt to various workholding needs, streamlining your operations.


  • Superior Throughput and Accuracy: Experience a significant boost in throughput and accuracy with this unique tooling fixture. Whether you're in high-precision machining or high-volume production, this UCMF plate has you covered.


  • Innovative "Hybrid" Design: Combining Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners and T-slot fasteners, this plate offers a comprehensive solution for your workholding requirements. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional setups.


  • ZipBushings™ for Versatility: The UCMF plate integrates ZipBushings™, making it suitable for both hardened and non-hardened locations. This versatility opens the door to a wide range of machining possibilities.


  • Customizable for Your Needs: While the plate shown is designed for the Haas TR-210 trunnion, we offer modification options to suit various applications, ensuring that it meets your specific machining needs.


  • Premium A36 Steel Plate: Crafted with high-quality A36 steel, this plate guarantees durability and longevity, with a diameter of 9.500" and precision ground parallel and flat to 1.900" +/- .002", ensuring reliability in your setups.

Elevate your machining setups with the Quick-Change Modular Fixture Plate for Trunnion. This innovative tooling fixture empowers you to streamline your operations, boost accuracy, and achieve unmatched flexibility. It's the bridge between standardization and adaptability, providing a solution that optimizes your machining efficiency and performance. Don't miss out on the advantages this UCMF plate offers; it's the key to unlocking your full machining potential.



(14) AA02 type Fastener holes locations

(18) ½” multi-purpose hole locations

(8) ZipBushing™ holes populated with (9) ELT-EZD-.501x.750-1 ZipBushings™ and 500-13-850 aluminum plugs

(2) locator hole locations on the backside of the plate

(4) T-Slot Fasteners

Mounting Hardware to attach/locate to trunnion platter






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Elijah Tooling Quick Change Modular Fixture Plate for Trunnion UCMF

Quick Change Modular Fixture Plate for Trunnion $3995.95 CAD

9.50 diameter x 1.900" thick, aluminum. *Bare plate + hardware as indicated above.

All other accessories (workholding fasteners etc.) purchased separately.