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ZipFixture™ Quick Change Fixturing

Elijah Tooling, Inc.


The holding power of Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners with the locating capability of bushings and pins or our unique ZipBushing™ Precision Threaded Locator Bushing create a totally unobstructed, inexpensive, quick change setup.

Are you having trouble getting a quick-change mounting system that's affordable? Why not try the ZipFixture™ low-cost alternative. Accuracy is not compromised and is significantly lower cost.

  • Compare to Carr-Lane, Schunk, & Big Kaiser Zero Point Mounting Systems at SIGNIFICANTLY lower cost. Equivalent Zero-Point Mounting system costs approx. $1450** per locator

  • Compare to Jergens Ball Lock™ Mounting System at SIGNIFICANTLY lower cost and more flexibility Equivalent Jergens system costs approx. $130** per locator

  • Uses a 1.25-1.50" thick Sub-Plate

  • Can be used with any thickness fixture plate .5" and up

  • Absolutely no obstructions to the fixture plate

  • Change fixtures in 60 seconds or less using a pneumatic wrench

  • Repeatablility: +/-.0004" to +/-.0008"

  • Same great holding power as used in high-speed machining by Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners

  • Use to locate/hold vise setups--same great holding power as used in high-speed machining

No more missing pieces to keep up with. IVB fasteners are self contained. They screw out of the housing and into your stock material when you need them and screw back into the flush mounted IVB housing when you don't, completely out of the way. Choose our patented Invert-a-Bolt™ fasteners and our ZipFixture™ quick change system and never have to find the 'other part' to your system again.

Make your own ZipFixture™ Quick Change Setup For 1.25" Sub-plates. Sub-plate Not Incuded*

1.25" Thick Sub-Plate Kit



Quick Change Connect - Fixture Plate

SKU: ZF-QC-1/2-1.25-001

(4) 1/2" Threaded Inserts, (2 - ELT-EZB-.501x752-1) 1/2" ZipBushing™ Precision Threaded Locator Bushings

Quick Change Kit - Baseplate

SKU: ZF-Base-1/2-1.25-001

(4) 1/2" IVB Fasteners, (2) ELT-EZD-.501x752-1 1/2" ZipBushing™ Precision Threaded Locator Bushings, (2) XZertz™ Retractable Dowel Pins, (1) AA02-004-004 Insertion Tool, (1) ELT-EZD-DRIVER-1

Quick Change T-Slot Connect - Machine Table

For: 16mm Slots: SKU: ZF-MT-16-FAST-1

For: 18mm Slots: SKU: ZF-MT-18-FAST-3

Each kit includes: (4) 1/2" T-Slot Fasteners, (2) 5/8" diameter fixture keys


Quick Change Connect - Machine Table

For: 16mm Slots: SKU: ZF-MT-16-BOLT-1

For: 18mm Slots: SKU: ZF-MT-18-BOLT-3

Each Kit Includes: (4) 1/2-13 x 1.75" Socket Head Cap Screws, (4) T-Nuts for 5/8" width slot, (2) 5/8" diameter fixture keys


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