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    The holding power of Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners with the locating capability of bushings and dowel pins or our unique ZipBushing™ Precision Threaded Locator Bushing + XZertZ™ retractable dowel pins create a totally unobstructed, inexpensive, quick-change setup.

    Are you having trouble getting a quick-change mounting system that's affordable? Why not try the ZipFixture™ low-cost alternative. Accuracy is not compromised and is significantly lower cost.


    Compare to Carr-Lane, Schunk, & Big Kaiser Zero Point Mounting Systems at SIGNIFICANTLY lower cost. Equivalent Zero-Point Mounting system costs approx. $1450** per locator.

    Compare to Jergens Ball Lock™ Mounting System at SIGNIFICANTLY lower cost and more flexibility Equivalent Jergens system costs approx. $130** per locator.

    Uses a  +1.25 thick Base Sub-Plate

    Absolutely no obstructions to the fixture plate

    Change fixtures in 60 seconds or less using a pneumatic wrench

    Repeatability: +/-.0004" to +/-.0008"

    Use to locate/hold vise setups


    Make your own ZipFixture™ Setup For +1.25" thick Base Sub-plates. Sub-plate Not Included*

    CAD Models

    Look for the link in the descriptions below where the part number is shown.  Just click on the link to download the *step model.  For more options, please contact us.

    +1.25" Thick Base Sub-Plate Kit


    This kit is used in the Base Quick Change fixture plate that connects the Quick Change fixture plate (top plate). 

    Each kit includes:

    (4) 1/2" Work-holding Fasteners (AA02-015-021)

    (2) Zipbushing + XZertZ(ELT-EZD-.501x.750-15)

    (1) AA02-004-004 Insertion Tool

    (1) ELT-EZD-DRIVER-1


    This kit is used to create the (top) Quick Change Fixture Plate.

    Each Kit Includes:

    (4) 87321 Threaded Inserts

    (2) ELT-EZD-.501x.750-1 Zipbushing

    16mm Slots: SKU: ZF-MT-16-FAST-1

    18mm Slots: SKU: ZF-MT-18-FAST-3

     This kit is used in a quick-change fixture plate as the receiving hardware to a quick-change base plate.

    Each kit includes:

    (4) 1/2" T-Slot Fasteners

    1/2"/ M18 CAD Model

    (2) 5/8" diameter fixture keys

    16mm Slots: SKU: ZF-MT-16-BOLT-1

    18mm Slots: SKU: ZF-MT-18-BOLT-3

     This kit is used in the T-slot machine table to connect it to the quick-change base plate. It uses legacy socket head cap screws for hold down.

    Each Kit Includes:

    (4) 1/2-13 x 1.75" Socket Head Cap Screws

    (4) T-Nuts for slot width

    (2) 5/8" diameter fixture keys