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The Invert-a-Bolt™ Fastener Hole Plug for AA07 Type is the perfect solution for maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of your fixtures when AA07-sized Invert-a-Bolt™ Fastener holes are not in use. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, this plug ensures that your fixtures remain in optimal condition at all times.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for AA07 Type Fasteners: Specifically engineered to fit AA07-sized Invert-a-Bolt™ Fastener holes with a perfect and secure seal, eliminating any unwanted gaps or exposure.


  • Clean and Professional Finish: The hole plug effortlessly provides a clean and professional finish to your fixtures, ensuring that unused fastener holes do not compromise the fixture's structural integrity or cleanliness.


  • Ease of Use: Installing the Invert-a-Bolt™ Hole Plug is a breeze, adding a layer of convenience to your fixture maintenance process. Keep your fixture setup and breakdown hassle-free.


  • Enhanced Fixture Longevity: By effectively plugging unused fastener holes, this product safeguards your fixtures against debris and contamination, helping extend their operational life and reliability.

Invest in the Invert-a-Bolt™ Fastener Hole Plug for AA07 Type and safeguard the condition of your fixtures. Ensure that your unused fastener holes don't compromise your fixture's reliability and cleanliness. Keep your work environment professional and efficient, ultimately contributing to smoother and more productive operations.


 Blank plug OD: 11/16"-16 UN-2A LH" 
Material: Plastic 
Fits: AA07-375-021 holes 
Insertion with: 3/16"Hex Wrench