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The Multi-Purpose Hole Plug designed for AA02 Type Invert-a-Bolt™ Fasteners (IVB) holes is your solution for expanding the capabilities of your fixtures. Crafted from durable steel, this plug seamlessly fits into the same fixture hole as an AA02 fastener, instantly providing a threaded 1/2"-13 core.

For different ID sizes see our mod product: MULTI-PURPOSE HOLE PLUG THREAD ADAPTERS (

Key Features:

  • Versatile Fixture Enhancement: Transform your existing fixture setup effortlessly. This plug enables you to convert AA02 fastener locations into a versatile 1/2"-13 threaded hole, enhancing the fixture's adaptability.


  • Quick and Easy Installation: Simply swap out the fastener with this plug to create a "legacy" hold-down hole, saving time and effort in fixture modification.


  • Precision Machinist's Aid: The 1/2"-13 threaded core allows machinists to secure bolts precisely where needed, providing flexibility in fixture configurations.


  • Durable Steel Construction: Crafted from robust steel, this hole plug ensures longevity and reliability even in demanding machining environments.

Upgrade your fixtures with the Multi-Purpose Hole Plug for AA02 Type Invert-a-Bolt™ Fasteners (IVB). Simplify your work and unlock new possibilities with this versatile fixture enhancement tool.


Insertion Tool P/N: AA02-004-004
 Dia. IVB Plug (1"-12 LH) OD
 Thread: 1/2"-13 ID
Height: 1.15"