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Material: Plastic

The EZE-DRIVE™ 3/4in. Zipbushing™ Hole Plug is the ideal choice for sealing and securing zipbushing holes in your modular fixtures. Available in both plastic and aluminum options, this innovative plug is designed for precision and durability, catering to various machining needs.

Key Features:

  • Precision Fit: Crafted to seamlessly fit 3/4in. EZE-DRIVE™ Zipbushing™ holes, ensuring a snug and reliable seal, maintaining the integrity of your fixtures.


  • Versatility in Material: Choose between plastic and aluminum options, allowing you to select the ideal material based on your specific application, be it lightweight plastic for certain setups or rugged aluminum for heavy-duty demands.


  • Effortless Installation: The EZE-DRIVE™ Hole Plug installs quickly and easily, streamlining the setup process of your modular fixture while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.


  • Enhanced Fixture Integrity: By plugging Zipbushing™ holes securely, this product prevents debris or contamination from interfering with your fixture's functionality, contributing to improved fixture longevity and consistency.

Invest in the EZE-DRIVE™ 3/4in. Zipbushing™ Hole Plug to ensure the precision and durability of your modular fixtures. Secure your fixtures with ease and keep your work environment clean and efficient, ultimately contributing to a smoother and more productive machining process.


 Material: plastic .750/.752 OR aluminum .750/.752
M18x1.5-6g RH
Fits Zipbushing™ holes with OAL of .8"
Insertion with 1/4" Hex Wrench
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