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    The D-Drive™ (for "Direct Drive") is a patent-pending, adaptive, modular, dovetail, workholding vise solution that doubles as a straight vise, and can be used for 3, 4, or 5-axis applications. It can be used with a Universal Common Modular Fixture, as a stand-alone product, or in any dedicated fixture. One of the best benefits of this product is its ability to grow with your needs. Simply use additional vises for an unlimited number of configurations and stock sizes. This rugged, simple, hardened steel vise brings new meaning to the words flexibility, stability, precision and speed. Outside dimensions are 4.999"x 6.999".  See sketch in picture stack to the left.

    For complete information see User Guide.

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    • Use the dovetail or straight jaw for awesome gripping!
    • Standard 45 degree angle
    • Stand-a-lone: It can be attached/located to any plate type fixture, or (ideally) to an Elijah Tooling UCMF or Riser either with bolts or Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners.
    • Low profile, 5"x7"x2.2"small footprint vise is modular so that other vises can be added as part length increases. Only buy what you need. This reduces upfront capital requirements so that new costs are incurred only as the application demands more of them.
    • Attached either by regular bolts (legacy method) or Invert-A-Bolt fasteners (quick-change). Precisely locate in all 3 axes using standard dowels (legacy) or XZertZ™ Retractable Dowel Pins (quick-change)
    • Locate stock material with dowels as desired.
    • Modular end blocks & drive blocks can be moved or removed from the vise to facilitate holding all different size parts either with the optional steady rest or in combination with another D-Drive Vise.
    • Heavy duty, smooth ACME drive screw
    • Super robust drive mechanism pushes DIRECTLY BEHIND THE JAW for ultimate holding power.  Drive into the optional steady rest of the most stable setup. 
    • Develops +9400 lbf. (42KN) using a 1/4" hex wrench
    • Drives to center from either side!
    • Quick changes on/off fixtures
    • All necessary hardware is provided.
    • +/-.0005 hole to hole tolerance on the locating bushings.
    • Optional steady rest assembly available (shown).  
    • Optional aluminum soft jaw assembly available.  
    • Drainage slot for removal of debris
    • Hardened Steel construction. Weight: 15 lbs./ 6.8Kg
    • Made in the U.S.A. 


    Torque Guide
    10 ft lbs1000 lbs clamping force
    17 ft lbs2000 lbs clamping force
    28 ft lbs3000 lbs clamping force
    39 ft lbs4000 lbs clamping force
    50 ft lbs5000 lbs clamping force
    65 ft lbs6000 lbs clamping force
    80 ft lbs7000 lbs clamping force


    D-Drive™ Centering Modular Dovetail Vise

    SKU: ELT-D-DRIVE-3-1.500-.500-001

    Vise Jaw: Dovetail Jaw, Serrated, one side, smooth, opposite side.
    System: 1/2"
    Description: Hardened Steel Dovetail Vise provides full access to part when machining

    CAD Download

    User Guide

    D-Drive™ Large Part Variant Vise

    SKU: ELT-D-DRIVE-3-1.500-.500-101

    The "-101" variant incorperates only (1) each of: base assembly, drive block assembly and end block assembly. Additionally (2) ELT-500-13-275-001 mounting screws with be provided with the variant.

    User Guide


    D-Drive™ Zero Point Variant
    SKU: ELT-D-DRIVE-3-1.500-.500-11X

    Specify the Zero Point System to be used.  Shown - Jergens K10.

    User Guide