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    SAVE Your CNC Workholding Fixtures and Tombstones From Being Scrapped


    When developing the Zipbushing™ our main focus was on our customers and their needs. We knew that bushings and threaded inserts were a pain to install and remove, and wanted a product that would eliminate that problem entirely.

    However, when we had customers telling us our Zipbushing™ were not only saving them time, they were also SAVING their fixtures and tombstones from being scrapped entirely because of the difficulty in removing the standard bushings/threaded inserts we knew we had a special product on our hands.

    One of our customers told us that they had scrapped at least two tombstones trying to remove their bushings/threaded inserts!

    Don’t waste anymore time and money with the traditional bushings and threaded inserts.

    Buy our Zipbushing™ Precision Threaded Locator Bushing here: