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    How To Easily Quick-Change CNC Workholding Plates and Fixtures Using Invert-A-Bolt Fasteners and ZipBushings

    Hey everybody, 

    If you would give me two minutes of your time, I am going to introduce you again to our quick-change solution. However, this time it will not be in the context of a CNC milling machine. 

    Today, we are looking at how you can quick-change almost anything. Our particular subject of interest is an old manual hydraulic press. But, you know what? You can make good use of Invert-A-Bolt™ Fasteners and Accessories Zipbushing™ Precision Threaded Locator Bushings, and Xzertz™ Retractable Dowel Pin in this situation as well. 

    So what we have got here is a quick-change plate, which by the way, is very heavy and made out of steel. It has been prepped for our Invert-A-Bolt™ Fasteners holes and has been prepped for the Xzertz™ Retractable Dowel Pin

    Quick change plate with invert-a-bolt fasteners and retractable dowel pins

    Picture of Top Quick-Change Plate

    You can see our base plate has 4 Invert-A-Bolt™ Fasteners, and 2 Zipbushing™  with Xzertz™ Retractable Dowel Pin.

    Picture of bottom plate

    In a nutshell, we have made this plate to do three very specific things. However, it could probably actually do hundreds or even thousands of things by just simply changing out the top quick-change plate. But right now, we have it designed to do three simple things. 

    First, it broaches a tool that we manufacture. 

    Quick Change Bottom Plate on Broach Machine

    Second, it broaches another tool that screws in here. 

    Quick Change Plate for Broach Tool

    Third, it broaches another tool that screws in here at the top. 

    Quick Change Broach MAchine

    The reality is, we make a new plate for every application.

    Simply drop it on, the plate locates rapidly on the Xzertz™ Retractable Dowel Pin, we bring the Invert-A-Bolt™ Fasteners up into it, just like you've seen me do hundreds of times, I'm sure. 

    The thing is, with a press like this, everything has to be on center, and once we get it on center, we are happy.

    With this system, we are always located and on center, and that's the point.