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    Quick-Change Demo Using Invert-a-Bolt Fasteners (CNC Workholding Back-Bolts)

    Hey guys, Rick here from Elijah Tooling.

    Today, I want to show you how quickly this tool setter can be changed. Obviously, a quick change plate like this has to save you some time and money or it makes no sense to make the plate. 

    Quick Change tool setter

    So, this plate consists of the locating capability and the ability to bring up the Invert-A-Bolt™ Fasteners and Accessories  inside the plate. As you can see, I have got a round pin locator and a diamond pin locator. I am going to drop this in and then we are going to rapidly bring up this Invert-A-Bolt™ Fasteners and Accessories  into the plate which is going to hold it fast.

    quick change tool setter

    As you can see, minimal effort there to lock that plate in and positive located. Took us about twenty or thirty seconds to do that. If you know anything about this tool setter and locating it in a slot or locating it on a table like this takes a lot longer than twenty or thirty seconds. 

    That also shows you kind of how the Invert-A-Bolt™ Fasteners and Accessories  works. As you can see, it comes right up into the plate, holds it fast and allows you to do a lot of things you couldn't otherwise do. 

    Thank you for your time.