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EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Modular Vise



EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Workholding System
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EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Double-Sided Fixed Vise $699.95
Vise Jaw: Solid Carbide, Reversible, Serrated/Smooth Jaw
System: 1/2" 
Description: Double-Sided, Fixed, Modular, Low-profile vise, for machining multiple parts at one time

EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Adjustable Vise $999.95
Vise Jaw: Solid Carbide, Reversible, Serrated/Smooth Jaw
System: 1/2"
Description: Single-Sided, Adjustable, Modular, Low-profile vise, used in conjunction with the fixed vise for machining multiple parts at one time

EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Pair $1,649.95
Description: (1) Fixed and (1) Adjustable Vises
5th axis vise Eze Vise Ultimates
EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Combo $2,595.95
Description: (2) adjustable vises with (1) fixed vise.

The ultimate weapon in your toolbox isn't just a good vise - it's a vise that adapts to your changing needs, and continuously solves workholding problems with your setup.

This EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Vise is modular in nature and can be mounted to our IVB fixtures or other legacy workholding fixtures. Choose from our IVB fasteners and locators or even common socket head cap screws for mounting. Its size and shape allows you to add on additional vise elements as your needs grow.

  • Modular in nature and grows with your needs.
  • Low profile.
  • Positive location, all 3-axes.
  • Quick Change Capable in Modular Fixture.
  • Can be held with Invert-A-Bolt™ Fasteners or (legacy) Socket Head Cap screws.
  • Hardened Steel Body.
  • Hardened Steel 5/8" ACME Drive Screw
  • Serrated Grippers - Standard & Replaceable. Optional Configurations Available.
  • Adjustable Pusher Unit can extend beyond the vise body to provide a standard pusher configuration.
  • Fixed Vise locates with Xzertz™ Retractable Dowel Pins- Standard. Can also be used with (legacy) regular dowel pins.
  • 1.000"+/-.001" locating height eliminates sacrifice plate. Matching supports available.
  • Low profile and reduced size considerations provide ultimate flexibility.
  • Fixed Vise is double sided, which facilitates machining (2) parts simultaneously.
Buy Accessories
EZE-VISE-U-.500-1000-012 KIT (4) T-Slot Replacement Nuts. Stainless Steel. $49.95
ELT-GRP-.750-.750-.64-1 (1) Replacement serrated pad for Adjustable Vise. Smooth on one side, serrated on the other. This pad goes with the -111 pusher assembly. $34.95

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