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7/8" Inch Invert-a-Bolt™ Fastener


If you need to hold something that requires a high tensile strength and significant load-bearing ability, this is the fastener to use. With a load range exceeding 30,000 lbs., the 7/8" is our highest capacity fastener. 

Suitable for harder steels, titanium, and exotics.

7/8" Fastener

    SKU ELT-A-0875-021
    STUD 7/8"-14
    ENGAGEMENT .700"
    HEX 3/8"
    HOUSING 1 1/2"-12 LH
    PLATE SIZE 2.00"
    TORQUE 180 ft.lbs
    Install Guide 







        Invert-a-Bolt fasteners are changing manufacturing processes worldwide.

        This flush mounted back bolt system allows manufacturers to eliminate clamps and bolts when machining parts by securing stock and work-holding materials from underneath. This “flat plate” system contributes to maximum flexibility of the fixturing, providing improved work-holding solutions which ultimately leads to more parts produced, higher safety and less waste. Back bolts eliminate the need for costly clamps and vises and dramatically reduced setup times, which allows you to machine more parts faster with less risk of damage. Back-bolt systems can dramatically affect your pocket book too. More parts means more efficiency, better cycle time and more sales.

        Why IVB Fasteners Are Right For You

        Replace your clamps and screws with Invert-A-Bolt™ (IVB) Fasteners. These unique, flush-mounted back bolt fasteners eliminate obstructions to machining, reduce vibration in your setup, and lower your cost by cutting setup times, reducing waste and providing faster change outs.

        Superior holding ability

        Reduces stock size

        Reduces the number of setups

        Eliminates Bridge Fixtures

        Reduces programming headaches

        Works well with most modular components

        IVB Fasteners make your workholding projects easier.

        Stop wasting time looking for the "right" bolt again. Stop wasting time by grinding a bolt to size again. Stop interrupting the machining process to change clamps. Stop introducing warp creating stress into your parts due to excessive clamping.

        Run more parts

        Reduce down-stream costs

        Eliminate wasted time used to change clamps

        Reduce obstructions in multi-axis machining

        IVB Fasteners are simple to use and install, embedded in the fixture for easy access.

        These back bolts are always available in the fixture, with standardized stick-out. Simply screw the larger diameter (the housing) into the fixture plate and bring the inner diameter (the stud) up into your stock material for a superior work-holding solution.

        Raise and lower in seconds with a pneumatic driver

        Flush mount means that they are there when you need them and hidden when you don't

        Various stud & housing sizes

        How will you use them?

        IVB Fasteners are often found in high-speed horizontal manufacturing, but they fit many other appplications as well!

        High speed machining


        Modular tooling

        Assembly jigs

        Dedicated fixturing

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