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Why Taking A Regular Sabbatical Is Important

Why Taking A Regular Sabbatical Is Important

November 08, 2019

Hey guys, it's Rick at Elijah Tooling.

 Give me two I'll make it worth your while.

Hey, as you can see there's a stream right behind me and if you listen carefully, you can hear the rain falling.

I'm actually not in my normal location: Denton, Texas.

I'm up in the Hochatown, Oklahoma.

A lot of people call it Broken Bow because Broken Bow is nearby, but I'm on sabbatical.

And I wanted to just take a few seconds, and encourage you to do something just like I'm doing.

So, sabbatical is about recovery. It's about rest, it's about getting away, and giving your mind the chance to focus on other things besides business.

Now I would be stretching it to say that I'm a great athlete or anything like that.

But, in business we hit it hard, and you need to be able to recover just like athletes do.

So, there's a time that we get away, we come apart, and we focus not on the business necessarily but on ourselves.

And, rest our creation, nature as you can see, and God; connecting with the Creator, connecting with creation: the idea of new ideas.

Anyway, if there's any way that I can encourage you to get away, to just take a few days all by yourself.

Nobody else, no distractions, even hey this is wild: getting rid of your cellphone for a while.

Television, radio, just dump it.

It'll make a huge difference in your life.

Hey if you want to comment let me know that you did it.

I'm going to give you a high five.

All right thanks for spending time with you see next time.


- Rick Miller

Elijah Tooling

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