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    Why You Should Never Give Up | Rick Miller | Elijah Tooling

    Hey guys, 

    Today, I wanted to discuss the importance of never giving up on what you are trying to accomplish.

    First, I want to introduce you to my youngest son Gabriel. I wanted to have him here so that I could not only discuss my learnings with you but also use this time to teach my son the importance of some of these concepts.

    I want to discuss something important today, and I want to discuss it in light of an experience I had as a young man. 

    I was on the cross country team because I couldn't make the football team. Let's just cut to the chase. I got beat up in football because I was a little guy, and I finally said to myself, "I don't get to play, and when I do, I get beat up every day, maybe I should just do something else." So, what I did then, was I started running.

    Well, I hate to say this. But, I wasn't really any good at that either. As it turned out, my twin brother and I were both on the cross country team. Now, the team was small enough, that there were only 5 runners. Funny enough, we were a championship team. I wish I could say that my brother and I were a part of that. However, it was only because the other 3 guys were the best in the state.

    My brother Nick and I, not so much. Don't get me wrong, we practiced, we ran, but we both had breathing problems and were the worst on the team by far. It was actually a running joke that Nick and I would compete to see who wasn't in the last place. We literally were in competition to be 2nd from last! Neither one of us wanted to be the last guy that crossed the line. 

    I actually just called Nick, and told him I would be talking about this story, and he burst out laughing because while it was funny, it wasn't funny at THAT particular time in our lives. 

    Please understand, we did NOT like coming in the last place. However, my point in telling you this story is, we always finished. We might have finished last, and we might have finished second to last, but we never quit!

    In business, things can get very tough. You may very well feel that you are coming in last, you might feel that you are behind, but if you just keep finishing, you will always eventually win. 

    Listen to the video for more details!

    Thank you,

    - Rick