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    The Best Way to Use a Dovetail Vise May Surprise You | CNC Workholding | Elijah Tooling


    Hey guys, it’s Rick here!

    Today, we are going to talk about the FLEXVISE™ Reversible Modular Dovetail Vise. I want to show you how you can use the FLEXVISE™ Reversible Modular Dovetail Vise in an unconventional way. I am standing this close to the machine to make you guys understand how stable of a setup we actually have running here. This stability is the main point. The FLEXVISE™ Reversible Modular Dovetail Vise is a very robust vise for great work-holding.

    Flex Vise

    With the machine open now, you can see how we are currently using the FLEXVISE™ Reversible Modular Dovetail Vise. We have got six parts in work at one time and we probe them in. This means that you do not see any ex-locating. Here, we have 2 FLEXVISE™ Reversible Modular Dovetail Vise actually holding the part. The FLEXVISE™ Reversible Modular Dovetail Vise on the right is pushing the part into the other FLEXVISE™ Reversible Modular Dovetail Vise.

    Flex Vise

    The point of this is that you could be doing this with both a small block and a very large block. We like to think of this concept as something that is unique in the CNC Workholding Marketplace. Most, or all, dovetail vises have a limited amount of space to grip parts with. With ours, we can use the whole space, no matter what size machine bed you have.

    So, we have this block over here, and you can see the dovetail on it already. We did not make a dovetail further into the block. You can think about this block as growing in size. This does not matter as we are only taking very little material out of the block to actually hold it.

    Dove Tail

    The other thing that we are thinking about is extending this idea even further and creating a dovetail-type modular vise that is not in one piece but in two pieces. You can look for that in the future. We like this idea and we like exploring this concept that we can hold whatever size part we want. In this particular case, we are using the vises to hold six different parts. We are using our “lean concept”, which is that we are machining them all as if they are one part, then we can have one tool, do all the work. It's beautiful and efficient.

    Thank you.