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    Elijah Tooling Vlog

    Today we're going to take this drab looking rectangular part and convert it to a beautiful multi-axis type part and you're going to get the join me!
      Hey guys, it's Rick from Elijah Tooling, What would it be like to print money? That'd be interesting. Wouldn't it? Unlimited amount of money. Well, I can tell you how to print some money today and I also can tell you; how you can do that b...

        Don't Play Games With Your Machine Shop. Workholding solutions need to be repeatable, precise and rapid. When we think about manufacturing, we want something that is standardized, something that's repeatable, something that your programmers, your machinist, everybody, in your organization can depend on.

          Making Haas CNC Vertical Mill More Usable and Flexible With Elijah Tooling

          I am standing in front of a brand new Haas CNC vertical mill. As you can see, this is what everybody starts out with. Fixture slots. Check it out; we're standing in front of a vertical milling machine. Again, smaller but now it's been enhanced with this modular fixture plate, which involves having other characterist...

            We've got three big features to consider a plate that's oversized. One: we get more travel out of our, or use of our travels. Two: ergonometrics, making it easier for the machine operator. And three: if we're using a fourth axis trunnion we're benefiting ourselves again from the travel standpoint.
              Today we talk about the lowest cost solution for quick changing a trunnion without a quick change plate. We're going to look at a CAD model of how we can do this using two devices:  the patent-pending fastener and a locator that are used in T-slots. 
                Today we're going to go through the steps required to make the holes so that we can install these two common products that are used in our fixtures. So I've got a fixture that's in work right now. So you can see that this fixture has the hole for the Invert-a-bolt Fastener and the hole for the ZipBushing, and that is the most common type of hole that goes into our fixtures. We're going to show you all the steps.
                  This is a unique quick-change application. We made quick change plates for an old manual hydraulic press. But, you know what? You can make good use of quick-change in this situation as well. Check this out!
                    We created a little plastic modular fixture that we can provide to you as a demo kit. It has all the basic elements of a full-sized modular fixture in it. This gives you the ability to actually test the fixture out and quick-change something yourselves!
                      We had customers telling us our Zipbushing™ were not only saving them time, they were also SAVING their fixtures and tombstones from being scrapped entirely because of the difficulty in removing the standard bushings/threaded inserts we knew we had a special product on our hands.