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    Trunnion Roller Table With Shock Absorbers | Elijah Tooling


    Hey guys it's Rick at Elijah Tooling.

    Listen, maybe I can do this video in 2 minutes we'll see.

    I want to show you something really exciting today.

    This is our roller table, now we have previously talked about a roller table, but it is flat.

    This one works with, yea you can see it's got the shock absorbers.

    What happens is it will reach through the window that you're dealing with, and then it will tilt down to the table.

    So, what we ran into when designing this is, if it's not the right height then it will bang you into your machine.

    So, what we did, is we created a solution that allows us to increase the height of these struts, and then tilt down.

    So what I'd like to do is demonstrate this today, show you how it works, and also just kind of point out some of the features of it.

    We're going to have Hanna help us, Hanna come here.

    So you can see Hanna is not a big ol burly machinist, she can't, can you press 300-pounds? No way!

    But she can do this all by herself, so that's pretty exciting, we're going to let her do it.

    And well, while we are doing it you'll see what kind of what has to happen to, to enable this.

    So, Hanna let's first of all, so just a couple things we've got rollers, roller tables so you can move it around in your shop and your situation.

    We've got brakes on this so that it's not going to move around.

    We've got some bump pads here that we can control where it sits in the table.

    We also have the length here that is controlled and we can change that by changing where it sits on this rail.

    And then, of course, the struts can be raised or lowered depending on your particular application.

    So that's kind of the goal here what we're trying to do and later on, when we retrieve the Trunnion we'll be talking about a facilitator plate.

    It's on here now, but I'm going to take it off before we roll it down.

    So Hanna is going to take us through this.

    You're okay with this? Feel like a daredevil? All right, sweet.

    Okay, so she's going to, so these little levers over here if the levers are up it means we want to go up.

    If the levers are down we want to go down, and that's what we're going to do right now.

    We're going to go down.

    All right! Yep, you're the star! Push, push and watch it.

    Ok so, she's going to bring it back up.

    A little bit more complicated to do it and we're going to be using that facilitator plate that I referred to earlier.

    But here we go.

    And we got to flip the switches And stand on the table, somewhere along the way here.

    Is got to lift it a little bit, so the silver facilitator plate can go down.

    Here we go, and rock and roll.

    Good job Hanna! That thing is working.

    And now it's coming down as you can see.

    And it will eventually go right back into this spot.

    Ready for the next time.

    So the beauty of this setup, while she's finishing up.

    We can get the Trunnion on and off the machine.

    Literally in seconds.

    And then with the quick-change plates, we can locate it on the machine and set up this you know five axes device in three minutes eight seconds that's what we tested it at.

    So there we go, all right.

    Thank you Hannah, appreciate it.

    That's it, what do you think?