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    Review of the EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Vise (Modular Vise for CNC Workholding)

    EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Vise(Modular Vise)

    (Rough Video Transcript)

    Hey guys, Rick here. 

    Today, I'm gonna talk about our EZE-VISE™ Ultimate Vise, and you're probably already thinking, "dude he's got content on that already!" You're right. We do. However, we do not have a video describing all of the different features of this product, so I'm going to go through it with you.

    the best cnc workholding vise that is modular and works for 5 axis machining

    We are going to discuss this modular cnc workholding vice in 2 stages. First, I am going to show you the vice's different components on a little plastic fixture, because it's easier to show you the different elements. 

    These are modular vices, and we're going to do this in two stages. We're going to show you the vise on this little plastic fixture because it's easier for me to show you the different elements, and then we're going to take it out to the machine and show you what loading and unloading parts with this vise look like. 

    The Fixed Vise Side

    Easy to Hold

    Let me start with the simplest part of the vise, which is the fixed vise. The fixed vise has these cool little T-nuts, and they're made specifically so that it can be held to your table, plate, or machine in many different ways.

    1. You can use the invert-a-bolt fasteners.

    The bottom of this modular cnc workholding vise can be held by invert-a-bolt fasteners or screws

    T-Nuts for Fasteners, Screws, or more
    1. Use screws (Legacy)

    Screws in EZE-Vise Ultimate Vise 

    Easy to Locate

    Another great feature about the EZE Vise is that we've made it specifically to be able to incorporate retractable dowel pins. Retractable dowel pins make it possible for you to just drop the product on your tooling plate and immediately loads and locates.

    retractable dowel pins on EZE vise

    Retractable Dowel Pins on the EZE-Vise Ultimate Vise


    The EZE-Vise Ultimate Vise is double-sided, which is great because it means you can machine more than one part at one time!

    Reversible Grippers

    The EZE Vise Ultimate Vise has little grippers that are reversible. This allows you to use either the smooth side or the serrated side. Talk about flexible! Last, we've got this locating where pad the distance here is control plus and minus one but it's replaceable so if you damage it when you're loading something it's no big deal to buy a replacement.

    Locating Where Pad

    as you can see this product has got a lot of great features it also has locating holes here so that we can drop a pin in there and locate against the edge.

    Adjustable Side

    Let me go on to the adjustable. The adjustable side works with the fixed side. It is low profile so we can machine pretty thin plates. It's got T-nuts that are used with the invert-a-bolt fastener. Another thing that's unique about this product is that it's got a groove and these locator holes, so depending on how you use the retractable dowel pins, you can have a product that slides freely that's why we call it the adjustable side as it slides freely. If we raise the Xcerts just a little bit more, now we have a locating product. 

    Adjustable Fry


    True Pusher Product

    Another thing that we've got here is the gripper. The gripper is reversible and we can move this out past the edge so that you can use it as just a true pusher product, or we can use the ledge. So we got these products and they locate on this ledge and then you're going to have your plates up off of the table so that you can drill through.

    Pusher Product


    Now the thing that's great about these are that they are not very heavy, but they are very robust so you don't have to load this big old massive vise on your fixture plate, you can load these and they will go on rapidly and go on repeatedly and even more importantly, we can separate them by whatever distance we want.


    So these products bring a lot of value because they're very flexible you can do a lot of things with them. You can use them from a legacy standpoint and, if you don't have this invertible system, you can use it with screws and regular old dowel pins.

    On the machine, we've got this set up now. We've got the fixed vices on one side and the adjustable on the other and we're actually loading two different parts. This is going to be simple and fast. So all we're going to do take this heavy part and load it against the stop.

    Now, we have the other vise where we can place a half an inch plate. Now you are able to move this actually back and forth.


    So there you go, there's the setup. It's fast, its repeatable and you're not going to be able to buy a Kurt vise to do unlimited size parts. But with these, you can! They can be moved rapidly and they're not very heavy!