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    New CNC Workholding Product Reveal!


    Hey guys, this is Rick, Elijah Tooling. Today I’ve got a big product reveal! Now first of all, let me just say, don’t start calling me and trying to buy this product right now. We’re close. We’ve got the prototype. We’ve got the patent pending going, but, um, we’re not quite ready. Just giving you the reveal, just trying to stoke the fire. So, let me show it to you, ok?


    So check it out, we have this Riser plate, has our fasteners in it, has our Zipbushing in it. Remember our Zipbrushing is used for dowel location. Umm. This is a shoulder screw, we can locate with a shoulder screw. Um we can not locate with a regular old screw like this, and then last we have the retractable dowel pin which screws into the Zipbrushing in and out. So we can bring it in and out and use it as we wish. Ok, that’s the Zipbrushing. Now, check it out. What if I could use the same hole locations, same driver and get the benefit of the Invert-a-bolt fastener? Well that’s what I'm going to show you right now. Taking this one out, putting this one in.

    I don't even have a name for this. I’ve got a part number, but I’ve gotta come up with a really catchy name. You guys can help me with that. Anybody got any ideas? Email me. Check it out. Looks just like the Zipbrushing right? But one big exception, we’ve got a stud coming up- just like how our fastener works. In this case however, this particular one is a locating stud. We could sell you this product as a locator or as a regular fastener. So, let’s just envision what the future looks like. We’ve got a modular fixture and the only hole that you’ve got in it is for this, everything else, everything is this hole, so we can change the pattern for one. We’re not talking about a 2 inch pattern anymore, we are talking about a one inch pattern. One final thing I’m gonna show you. We’re going to install a plate that they made for me, just to show you how this is gonna work. And in this case we’ve got the locator working. Check it out.

    Anyway, brand new, patent pending. We will be introducing it in it’s final form soon. Thank you, see you next time.

    -Rick Miller 

    Chief Executive Officer at Elijah Tooling