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    Is Your Vise Better Than SLICED BREAD?


    You must think I lost my mind. What is Rick doing with all this bread?!

    Well, fun fact, almost a century ago Otto Frederick Rohwedder had an innovation (you guessed it) it was the bread slicing machine! And ever since people have been saying, "that's better than sliced bread". Little Caesar's got a great commercial by the way, that uses that. Well, as I got to thinking about it, there's a lot of bread and it's all sliced. And sometimes we don't really think of that as an innovation anymore. Right?

    So today I was thinking in terms of something else (you probably guessed it) one of our products - our vise! And I thought, "man, there's a lot of five-axis vices out there. They all do the same thing", just like this. So I'm getting rid of those!

    Let's check this out; this is like homemade bread. You can see, I already cut a piece off of it, It was so good, and I bet if you could, you'd reach through the screen and get some yourself! Well, what's different about this? For one it's not sliced, it's not like all those other loafs of bread, it has different characteristics and some of them are really good. Well, let's take a look at this.

    This is a D-Drive vise and what sets it apart from all those other sliced bread type products is that, you can use it to hold and locate parts in six different ways. And it doesn't matter what size your part is, actually doesn't matter what shape your part is! Anyway, if it's me, I'm picking this, this over that. See you next time!


    CEO & Founder of Elijah Tooling