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    I Will Tell You What Other Tooling Manufacturers Won't: We Broke One of Our Vises...

    Hey guys, Rick here from Elijah Tooling.

    Today I want to show you something that generally manufacturers don't really want to share with the rest of the world but, we are going to do it anyway.

    Broken Flex Vise

    So, I have got this vise, this is our Flexvise™, we sell it as a robust product and the fact is I am holding a broken one.

    Broken Flex Vise

    You really cannot tell it but if you zoom in you can see that it is cracked right here. What happened was that during the process of machining, the tool broke. The machine, itself, threw the tool and kept pushing the part, it kept pushing it along till finally, it broke the pusher. 

    That is pretty fascinating because the tool broke but nothing else flew apart, nothing else broke other than the fact that we have a cracked pusher which can be replaced all by itself.

    Broken Flex Vise

    Everything else on the Flexvise™ is great, it is just the pusher that needs to be replaced. So, I am thinking that this is actually pretty cool! I was proud of this Flexvise™ we didn't destroy the machine, we didn't destroy the spindle. We didn't destroy anything and it wasn't even our fault; it was the fault of the tool that broke.

    Just wanted to share this with you all today. Thank you for your time!