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    How You Can Get The Most Out of Your Flexvise Reversible Dovetail Vise

    Hey guys, Rick here from Elijah Tooling.

    I've got a real simple thing to show you today but I feel like you're going to like it. We do have newer Vises, these are our old ones but, I wanted to show you that we have an addition to our vises now, we are going to add a dove tail to the front of this.

    Dove tail vise

    What this allows us to do is that on this side you can see that we can now back up the vise and use the dove tail on the front and the dove tail on the back. The whole idea is that now you can machine any width and any length of the part that you want. We are really excited about using these.

    Dove tail vise

    One comment that I made when we were running these is that we broke an insert right here when we were slotting and we were so surprised that there was no movement in the part as a result of that breakage.

    I thought that that was a testament to the holding power and stability of this vise. This vise was actually designed to be robust and very capable. This is an example of that.

    Thank you for your time.