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    How To Think About Your Haas Machine's Workholding Strategy.

    Hey guys, it's Rick at Elijah Tooling. Give me two - I'll make it worth your while.

    Today I'm standing in front of a Haas CNC Machine that we purchased through a Haas factory outlet, a distributor for Haas.

    I've also got this interesting contraption in front of me, that you may be curious to learn about. 

    This is a game we play at my house. And, the thing that is so exciting about this game; is that – It’s never played the same.

    Haas machine

    These cards define your actions. So, there are literally hundreds of these different cards and so when you add it all up, there's like millions of variables that play a role in playing this game.

    Haas replacement parts

    And, as I was thinking about it; it really makes for an unpredictable end. So, whoever wins - we don't know.

    But, if we think about it in terms of business of manufacturing - this is not the kind of game you want to play! Where there are gazillions of variables and you are not in control of all of them. So, the outcome is never truly known by you.

    Well, that's why I'm here today - is to talk about our repeatable precise and rapid solution; our modular fixtures.

    So, first I'm just going pick a few cards, just kind of a little bit of a joke, but like this one's called ‘The Bandit’. You need a bandit entering your facility, causing you problems on your machine?

    Or, how about this one – ‘The Harbinger’, what's hanging over your head? What future problems might arise from your current workholding setup? What kind of quality issues are you setting yourself up for?

    Or, how about this guy? ‘The Bureaucrat’, uh-oh. How are we going to make him happy today?

    So, when we think about manufacturing, we want to think about something that is standardized, something that's repeatable, something that your programmers, your machinist, everybody, in your organization can depend on. So, as you know - we sell that type of modular fixture.

    And, I'm just going pivot here.

    Haas Machine

    We're going to go over here for a second and honestly; there's nothing special about this plate. We're just we're machining it right now.

    Haas cnc machine

    But, I wonder whether you know - how it's being held. There are no clamps. There's no obstruction to it and that's because the fasteners are holding it from the bottom. In case you don't believe me: not moving, right!

    cnc machine tool

    That's because the Invert-a-bolt fasteners hold it from the bottom, and we prevent obstructions from getting in the way of what we're doing. When we're never going to run a CNC machine tool into our way of holding, which will lower our costs in terms of replacement parts. This fixture specifically is meant to create a rapid, repeatable, and precise setup. Unlike that game that's never repeatable, and do that honestly it's not very rapid either it takes a long time.

    But, the point is you don't want to play this kind of game at your shop. You want to play this kind of game.

    Hey, thanks for your time. See you next time.

     -Rick Miller, CEO, Elijah Tooling

    P.S. - We are big fans of Haas Automation, Inc. Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the western world, manufacturing a complete line of CNC vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, and rotary products. Gene Haas founded Haas Automation, Inc., in 1983 to manufacture economical and reliable machine tools. They are consistently delivering high-quality Haas machines with installation and ongoing services.