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    How much force can be applied to the EZE Vise Ultimates? We just found out.

    Hey guys, It's Rick at Elijah Tooling. Give me two minutes of your time and I will make it worth it.

    Check it out. We've got this vise set up, and I was asked today by a customer, "how much force does this EZE Vise Ultimate produce?"

    I thought to myself, this is the perfect opportunity to do a video. We will do it live in front of you. How is that?

    You know we are all about numbers and I am gonna be clear on this, we do NOT recommend that you take this vise to the absolute limit.

    Not because the vise won't hold it, but because the part that you are holding probably won't respond well to all that force.

    But, if numbers are your game, we are gonna show you today that this is an awesome product.

    Check it out. We are gonna do it, alright?

    Here we go. We are gonna stake the reputation of our company on this device, and on what's happening right now! Do I sound like a carnival barker? A little bit.

    Ok. Now, we've reached the extent of my abilities. Let's get the cheater bar in here... Oh my goodness... ok, keep going. Keep going. Uh-oh, we've exceeded. Right now we've exceeded the amount of force that some of our competitors can put on their devices. So, let's just keep going though... Check it out, check it out.

    So, what's really happening, we are at 8500 lb/f here, and you can see that this wrench is starting to bend.

    So, we've exceeded the ability of this wrench to apply this load. But, obviously the vise, no problem.

    Okay, so guys, you can see we attained 8,300 lb/f. We are just going to call it an even 8,300 pounds of force before our wrench started bending. I don't really know how far this would go if we had, you know if we just took the wrench to failure. But, we really don't want to do that...

    But, to summarize, this is our EZE Vise Ultimates setup.

    This is the adjustable side, this is the fixed side.

    This is a modular vise that is on a modular fixture. So, just to clarify what we're doing here. I'm pretty excited, are you?